There are a few ways to easily keep track of what others are saying about your Free Software project. In a very popular project, you may already have enough feedback from its busy forum or mailing list, but in new and small projects, you often have to actively seek feedback/comments from end-users.

Here are a few ways to find out what people are saying online about your project.

RSS Feeds

First of all, here are the RSS feeds I subscribe to for one of my projects (safe-rm):

Google Alerts

I have also signed up for the following Google Alert:

Search terms:``
Deliver to:`Email`
How often:`as-it-happens`

which emails me anytime someone links to my project's homepage in one of the resources indexed by Google.

Backtype Alerts

Finally, these Backtype Alerts notify me anytime safe-rm features in a blog comment:

  • safe-rm

Anything else I should subscribe to or follow?