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I'm not sure why you're saying that it's sloppy for a system-wide binary to be owned by root. That's both the policy in Debian and also it prevents an ordinary user from tampering a binary that could be used by other users.
Comment by francois
comment 1
sudo chown root:root /usr/bin/VidyoDesktop  

Why, specifically, does it need to be root? Simple chown-to-root is operationally sloppy/Windows-think. Do you have a setcap(8) procedure that could yield a viable result?

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You can install freedombox on debian now and it provides apps to bypass all thia - ejabberd, matrix, lets encrypt and more.
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Got mine back with a Btrfs root

I got the same problem after upgrading to 18.04, I don't use LVM but Btrfs, all I had to change was

apt install btrfs-progs

Everything else was exactly the same.

Thank you.

Comment by JC
Awesome tutorial

I was looking into this so bad. My Bios update images are big enough to not fit into the default floppy or usb installer of freedos specially that I want to boot it over pxe. This definitely helped me. Thank you.

Comment by Hamid
Looking for good install guide. The only drawback I see in reading your directions (I haven't done this yet) is the fact that you are concatenating key/bundle/csr to static file - and LE certs expire quickly. You will have to repeat this every 90 days. I suppose I could come up with a root cronjob to do it as a certbot cron.d 'post-renew' job, but I am guessing there is a better way.. if I find I will post again.
Comment by B. Shea