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Zoom and Raspberry Pi 4

Notice that Zoom WebRTC is not real WebRTC, they are using data channels to integrate with proprietary WebAssembly client code:

Real WebRTC does not require WebAssembly or data channels.

Firefox only supports WebAssembly on x86 / amd64

That is why it is not working on Pi 4

Same problem on POWER9 and arm64 workstations.

Comment by Daniel Pocock
I too was able to run this without the ListAllMyBuckets permission.
Comment by Stefan
Helped out a lot, I thought I would need to dig deep into the router settings again and was dreading it. Had no idea it was an ubuntu 20.04 issue. Thanks!!
Comment by nrw
network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy settings
I set both network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy and network.http.referer.XOriginTrimmingPolicy to 2, I'm not sure it's the combination you recommend. I encounter only one break with the login of online banking.
Comment by Francois Diebolt
use the deploy renewal hook for certbot
I agree with Steve Kemp's comment, and additionally you can use the 'deploy' renewal hook to copy the newly generated files to the asterisk location. That renewal hook is only executed if certbot has succesfully renewed the certificate.
Comment by Vincent
USB port in virtual box running windows 7 & anytone878 cps
Sometimes I have to manually select the port, but first I hve to istruct the virual machine to use the port, then set the port from the cps. Works fine in running MS win 7 in virtula box in LInux mint 20, enjoy
Comment by George Kapoulas