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Need one extra step on Debian Jessie
I followed your instruction but it did not work. It turns out that I need to run one additional command, grub-mkconfig (because I have changed the boot partition). After that, the computer was able to boot successfully.
Comment by Toan Tran
Without using a live instance

I successfully used your recommended approach without booting via USB. This can be accomplished by selecting to boot into a previous kernel via the Grub boot menu during startup, and then (without the need to mount local partitions) simply ensure the latest version of lvm2 is installed and regenerating the initramfs for all of the installed kernels (as recommended). I also have a fully encrypted drive configuration and found no issues when performing these steps.

Thank you for putting this article together. While I normally find the forums to be of great assistance, this issue was not one that is easy to find real working solutions for. Keep up the great work.

Comment by William
This still works well under Fedora 26 and Windows 7

The instructions in this blog are spot on: everything worked right away (well, except the FW rule, but this is a very minor issue) and I ended up doing some googling for the Windows SANE client and found SANEWinDS on source forge. Works standalone and from Open Office and I am happy camper.

Thanks a lot for putting together this concise instruction, it saves my users from moving files around from the scanner sharing machine!

Comment by ajeh
Re: IPv6

Do you use IPv6? How do you update the IPv6 ?

Unfortunately, No-IP still doesn't support IPv6 in their Dynamic DNS service. My setup is IPv4-only.

I'd be happy to consider other services that support IPv6 if they also support custom domains and are supported by a client that's included in Debian. If you know of one, please leave a comment.

Comment by francois

Hi, Do you use IPv6? How do you update the IPv6 ? Best, S.V.

Comment by S.V.
faster dd

Use option 'bs=4M' for faster write to the usb key (otherwise it will take several minutes):
$ dd bs=4M if=bios.img of=/dev/sdX

Comment by BigFan
conditions for letsencrypt certs


according to my experience having a redirect for /.well-known/acme-challenge works fine. So an unconditional redirect from*) to$1 should do the trick a bit easier.

Best regards Uwe

Comment by Uwe Kleine-König
lxc-net configuration


about network configuration on LXC in debian stretch, it is possible to easy the setup through the lxc-net script (it's shipped with-in the lxc package itself). This way you only need:

  • to fill parameters in /etc/default/lxc-net
  • add bridge configuration for lxcbr0 in /etc/network/interfaces

All of other steps pointed out in your "Network setup" are done by lxc-net itself.

The only downside of the script is that it would be nice to use, instead of a script, an horde of systemd units (if using systemd). I tried to fill a request for it [1] but it's still a work in progress.


Comment by risca