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Thanks for the great information.

I've been a Crashplan customer for years for my Windows laptop.

I'm just transitioning to POP OS on the start of my journey away from Big Tech and setting up a backup service was a priority.

Your article suggests that I should be able to continue using Crashplan after all

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'ext4' with 'flex_gb' feature enabled
e2fsck -f /dev/sda1
tune2fs -I 256 /dev/sda1

That'll work just fine on ext2 and ext3 but fails on ext4 filesystem with the flex_bg feature enabled:

# tune2fs -I 256 /dev/sda1
Changing the inode size not supported for filesystems with the flex_bg
feature enabled.

Also, that flag cannot be cleared:

# tune2fs -O ^flex_bg /dev/sda1 
Clearing the flex_bg flag would cause the the filesystem to be

So, unless I'm missing something, there's no two ways about it and, as per the post, copy->mkfs->copy is the only way to fix it.

BTW, the same issue will affect XFS and, potentially, other filesystems.

Comment by rjc
WiFi QR Code
Hi, is it possible to include proxy configuration in QR Code?
Comment by Hubert
WARNING - older Omnia was shipped with different duplexers

Thank you for this post. It confirmed me my suspicion and I have found it while making sure how pigtails should be connected.

I was recently upgrading old Omnia to NAS box. Since then I had issues with 2.4 GHz WiFi. Of course, issue was in switched pigtails on one of the antennas. Layout of WiFi cards in slots was the same as on your photo, however, my Omnia has different duplexers. On your photo, 5GHz is connected to the left port, while mine has 5GHz on the right port.

If someone finds this page, make sure you check what duplexers you have in your unit and don't blindly trust photo of other unit, as some components may differ.

Comment by Jan Cejka
Many thanks for this post

Hey François, many thanks for your effort to share this tutorial. Had the same problems as you described. Woks also for RaspberryPi 4 with Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster). Best regards, Uwe

Comment by Uwe
S3 IA has minimum 1 month storage
--s3-use-ia: Infrequent Acess is half the price of Standard S3 storage, but it has a minimum storage time of one month. So, if one were to do a nightly delta backup and a full backup each week, keeping 2 full backups and deleting older full backups, Standard access would be the same price as IA or cheaper. That is, IA storage is only cheaper for objects stored for longer than half a month.
Comment by JCollins
But you cant add 2 .onion domains as vhost can you? i've tried but the second one is ignored.
Comment by Anonyme
Zoom and Raspberry Pi 4

Notice that Zoom WebRTC is not real WebRTC, they are using data channels to integrate with proprietary WebAssembly client code:

Real WebRTC does not require WebAssembly or data channels.

Firefox only supports WebAssembly on x86 / amd64

That is why it is not working on Pi 4

Same problem on POWER9 and arm64 workstations.

Comment by Daniel Pocock
I too was able to run this without the ListAllMyBuckets permission.
Comment by Stefan