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Got mine back with a Btrfs root

I got the same problem after upgrading to 18.04, I don't use LVM but Btrfs, all I had to change was

apt install btrfs-progs

Everything else was exactly the same.

Thank you.

Comment by JC
Awesome tutorial

I was looking into this so bad. My Bios update images are big enough to not fit into the default floppy or usb installer of freedos specially that I want to boot it over pxe. This definitely helped me. Thank you.

Comment by Hamid
Looking for good install guide. The only drawback I see in reading your directions (I haven't done this yet) is the fact that you are concatenating key/bundle/csr to static file - and LE certs expire quickly. You will have to repeat this every 90 days. I suppose I could come up with a root cronjob to do it as a certbot cron.d 'post-renew' job, but I am guessing there is a better way.. if I find I will post again.
Comment by B. Shea
Missing a useful part

I think you're missing one useful part to commit series updates.

It is unclear if you let it prompt you for the commit messages & data when you upload, but if you do, then you can follow this slightly easier process.

  • upload first patch with arc diff, set the reviewer and bug number.
  • Note the "Dnnnn" number.
  • upload the second patch, again with arc diff. Also set the reviewer and bug number, but this time add to the summary "Depends on Dnnnn" (where Dnnnn is the id of the previous patch).

Then you can avoid linking the commits in the phabricator UI.

Also when you then need to update a diff, you can simply do arc diff to generate the new version as it already knows what it depends on.

Comment by Standard8

I would expect that you would do the unbundle, then move your bookmark back to 'tip' (which should be last unbundled changeset). I would think:

hg unbundle ~/devel/mozilla-unified/.hg/strip-backup/47906774d58d-ae1953e1-backup.hg
hg bookmark -r tip hashstore-crash-1434206-recovered

though I would probably do hg log -G to verify it's the one you want. Or hg log --template list -G.

Comment by sphink
comment 1
You should check out the evolve extension. pip install hg-evolve
Comment by Connor