I've been following Planet Linux Australia for many years and discovered many interesting FOSS blogs through it. I was sad to see that it got shut down a few weeks ago and so I decided to manually add all of the feeds to my RSS reader to avoid missing posts from people I have been indirectly following for years.

Since all feeds have been removed from the site, I recovered the list of blogs available from an old copy of the site preserved by the Internet Archive.

Here is the resulting .opml file if you'd like to subscribe.


Once I had the full list, I removed all blogs that are gone, empty or broken (e.g. domain not resolving, returning a 404, various database or server errors).

I updated the URLs of a few blogs which had moved but hadn't updated their feeds on the planet. I also updated the name of a blogger who was still listed under a previous last name.

Finally, I removed LA-specific tags from feeds since these are unlikely to be used again.


The following LiveJournal feeds didn't work in my RSS reader but opened fine in a browser:

However since none of them have them updated in the last 7 years, I just left them out.

A couple appear to be impossible to fetch over Tor, presumably due to a Cloudflare setting:

Since only the last two have been updated in the last 9 years, I added these to Feedburner and added the following "proxied" URLs to my reader:

Similarly, I couldn't fetch the following over Tor for some other reasons:

I excluded the first two which haven't been updated in 6 years and proxied the other ones: