The Moodle learning management system has one of the most vibrant and diversified communities in the Free Software world. There are lots of ways to get involved and most of them are not restricted to people with a programming background.

If you are a web developer however, sharing your custom code with the wider Moodle community is a great way to:

  • increase its quality,
  • generate more ideas,
  • get it translated into many languages,
  • improve its usability,
  • supplement its existing documentation,
  • and sometimes can even get funding for enhancements!

There are many ways to contribute code to Moodle, but if you decide that your customisations could be useful to others, then you should think about submitting your project to the "contrib" area.

The process is quite simple: simply announce your module or plug-in on the appropriate Moodle discussion forum and attach a zip file containing:

  1. source code
  2. installation instructions
  3. a copy of the licence
  4. your contact details (email or website)

Just like starting a Free Software project, contributing code to Moodle and seeing a community of users grow around your code can be a highly motivating experience. Happy Moodling!