Wikia search is a new project from Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. As discussed on the second podcast, his objective is to create a Free Network Service for Web search: an alternative search engine compatible with the Franklin Street Statement.

To add Wikia Search to your Firefox search bar:

  • visit this page (with Javascript turned on)

If you use vimperator to reduce the amount of mousing involved in your daily web browsing, put this in your ~/.vimperatorrc to make Wikia your default search plugin:

:set defsearch=wikia

Please let me know if this stops working, I'll update the search extension.

Hey, Francois

thanks for pointing me to Wikia search (and for improving vimperator).

What I don't like about them is the mandatory Javascript. As long as it's there, I won't use Wikia Search, although search engine alternatives are sorely needed.

Sadly, there seems to be no feedback page to let them know. Do you know of any?

-- tomás tomas at tuxteam dot de

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